Playground Stories

Hello there, Playmates!

Okay, so having a little ball of energy for a toddler, I find myself hanging out at playgrounds and kid-friendly places most of the time. Whenever I watch little E play there’s always a new story or a new joke or a new milestone for him and well, for me too! I realized life is much like a playground. Sometime, you arrive there all alone, thinking “Yes! I got the whole place to myself!” You start playing and then people start coming along. Some with a friendly attitude and would say “Hi!” to you and instant friend. While there are some who would not even notice you and just play by themselves. But every time I go to the playground with little E, I always learn a new thing or two about him and other people. I learn to just let him go at times, but be there at all times. I realized this is my life, this is my journey, this is my playground.


So welcome to my playful life with kids. Yes, you read that right, kidSSSS. Though I only have little E as of the moment we plan to have more little ones, so I was kinda forward looking with the title. hihi! This is my playground and you’ll hear a lot of our family stories here from taking care of toddlers, to maintaining a healthy married life, to anything under the sun that will help us in our family life and child development.

Hop on and see you on our playdates!!!


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