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Played and Tested: Kodomo Toothpaste

Healthy teeth and oral hygiene is an important routine I would like Enzo and the entire family to have. I have shared with you all our healthy oral hygiene in my previous post. You can check it out here:Healthy Oral Hygiene for Toddlers. Part of having a healthy oral hygiene is a toothpaste that the… Continue reading Played and Tested: Kodomo Toothpaste

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Event: Allied against Dengue Launch

Allied Against Dengue Philippines was launched last July 12, 2016 in an effort to unite and take action and defeat dengue. I was fortunate enough to be part of the launch as it was an afternoon of information and knowledge regarding facts about dengue that was new to me. It dawned on me that I… Continue reading Event: Allied against Dengue Launch

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Wife Life: Blessed to be Struggling

Having a family is both challenging and rewarding. The past months in our lives have tested our relationship, our character but most especially our faith. There are times when we no longer have any money on both of our wallets but we still find the strength to smile and laugh about it. We remind ourselves… Continue reading Wife Life: Blessed to be Struggling

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Healthy Oral Hygiene for Toddlers

Having good oral hygiene should start early on in children. Having nieces and nephews before I had my son, Enzo made me learn the importance of keeping toddlers’ teeth healthy and clean. For a bottle user like us, the tendency for Enzo to have “bulok” teeth is higher because he would drink milk even when… Continue reading Healthy Oral Hygiene for Toddlers

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Condo Living: Cockroach-free Home

We’ve been living in a small condo unit for about two years now. Aside from the lack of space, and at times a problem with privacy with the little boy, we also face a problem of cockroaches infesting our small space. To be honest, we’ve experienced coming home and getting disgusted by the number of… Continue reading Condo Living: Cockroach-free Home

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Events: Kinder Wonderland at SM MOA

Toddlers learn best when they play and explore. As children, their development depends on the different opportunities provided for them. This is where adult roles come to play, the ability to offer and provide the right stimulation at the right time. As a parent to an active toddler, I make sure to find events and… Continue reading Events: Kinder Wonderland at SM MOA