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Wife Life: What I Learned about Marriage

Being married for three years has been a roller coaster of emotions. From total unexplainable happiness to the most heartbreaking sadness. Marriage has made me get to know my husband more but I would say I am luckier because I have known myself better in the process. If I would be given a chance to marry again, I’ll marry the person I’m married to again and again in a heartbeat. Just because I am feeling a little mushy and sentimental, here are some lessons I learned that made our relationship stronger. Hopefully it can help you with your #relationshipgoals. hihi!

Converse daily.


One of the many things any if not all relationships should have is conversations. Conversations meaning more talking and much more listening. When couples converse it is important that their partners listen to their body language or the non verbal part of the conversation. The longer you are within the relationship the more you understand what your partner is saying whether verbal or non verbal.

Hubby and I are very talkative. (Pero sa totoo lang mas siya ang madaldal kasi maraming kwento talaga, haha!) We talk about everything from the most trivial parts of our days to our long time frustrations and endless dreams. The best part of our being talkative is that we can express our ideas and emotions and find in each one an understanding and supportive partner. What’s super great about being married? You’ll have someone to talk to and annoy for the rest of your life. I can imagine our old aging days just conversing about life and that makes me smile. πŸ™‚

Be each others’ number one fan


Before marriage, that is becoming a wife or a husband, we are our own person. We each have an identity and individuality which we still highlight and appreciate even now that we live as one. I have my own hobbies, aspirations, and dream and he has his own as well. Now, however, these individual dreams and goals have become easier to carry because we have each other.
It is not a new idea that it takes a whole lot of effort and hardship to achieve our individual goals, and at times the hardships become unbearable. It becomes so easy for us to abandon our dreams and give up. But then when you have that one person who picks you up after falling down, who cheers you up on your most trying times, and who believes in you no matter what, the unbearable becomes bearable, the hardships become challenges. Sabe nga nila when with someone happiness doubles and sadness divides. I am lucky to have found my number one fan and I am more than happy to be his number one fan too!:) Alam nyo kung sinong number one fan ni Enzo ha!:)

Be spontaneous and fun.


Enjoy each moment whether the simplest to the grandest of situations.You can have the most memorable dates at a convenient store or just staying up in the wee hours of the night together. We, as a couple, also enjoys “biglaang lakad” when we feel tired or hungry we eat at our favorite restaurants immediately. That is what puts spice in the relationship in my opinion because it breaks the monotony of life and maybe sometimes even the relationship. It feels good to do something out of the ordinary once in a while plus it adds memories to us as couples. Another first or another memory to cherish and talk about when we are old.

Celebrate your Love at all times

We always talk about how we met and how our love story unfolds and every time we talk about it it feels like the first time.Β When I was still single I used to question how married couples can stay in a relationship for a long time. But then I realized the years doesn’t seem so long when you are with the right person. Everyday is an opportunity to show and express love. So never forget the little things about your partner and the relationship that you have. As a couple, we make it a point to celebrate our anniversary even if we have a tight budget, and luckily we always find a way to celebrate our love.. for free. Remember to also celebrate and remind yourself of that love most especially during the hard times. Even during the ugly part of your relationship or when your hubby seems like the laziest person on earth or you as a wife have gone berserk, love should still be the easiest thing to do.

Β Praise and pray together


The best thing that has happened to our relationship as husband and wife is our closer relationship with God. It is when we finally articulated our dreams, aspirations, and frustrations to each other and to our God. The more we articulated our prayers together as a family is when we felt more taken cared for. Taken cared for in the sense that we felt provided at all times even when it seems we lack the material and human resources that we need. Life was so much easier together but it was easiest with God. Thankfully we discovered The Feast Bay area and it made us profess our Faith even better than before. It was so nice finding the happiest place on earth which is with God and his community.


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