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The Feast Bay Area is NOT the happiest place on Earth

If you have been in any of the Feast sessions, they’d tell you it’s the happiest place on earth. But I’ll tell you otherwise. The Feast Bay Area is not the happiest place on earth. Whenever I attend I cannot stop my tears from falling. With every lyric of the song reminds me of my struggles and challenges in life. Sa bawat salitang binibigkas nila eh nangungurot sa puso ko. Para akong pinaparinggan every time. Even after the mass and session, my hubby and I never fails to talk about the message that we got from the session. I even need to write it in my journal just so I would not forget about my take home from the session. Yan nga ba ang happiest place on earth?

I’m afraid what they do not tell you is that it is not the happiest place on earth because it is the safest. For anyone who seeks refuge, who feels alone, who feels ready to give up, or for anyone who feels burdened, the feast is a place that can provide what is lacking. To be honest, the first time I went there I was so shy sing out loud to dance to the beat or raise my hands and arms like everyone else. It felt weird, but whenever there’s a song I could not help but feel it right unto me. It was about me, it knows my struggle. What is even more overwhelming is that I feel loved and blessed by God and I become more ready to face life even more. It gives me a better sense of purpose for everything that is happening in my life whether it is a struggle or a triumph. Now after a few sessions I always look forward to hearing mass and the talks and feel God’s presence through the people and the PICC Plenary Hall. I enjoy singing to songs and feel every word of it as if God speaks to me. I am recharged to also share the love of God to others especially to my family. God is great for showing me the Feast through His instruments Lally and Ryan Gonzales. Thank you for opening up this community to us.

If you want to know how it feels to be in the happiest and safest place on earth, then come with us at the Feast Bay Area, PICC plenary hall.


Hope to see you all there!:)


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