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Events: Kinder Wonderland at SM MOA

Toddlers learn best when they play and explore. As children, their development depends on the different opportunities provided for them. This is where adult roles come to play, the ability to offer and provide the right stimulation at the right time. As a parent to an active toddler, I make sure to find events and experiences to encourage learning and exploration.

Which is why as soon as I saw the Kinder Wonderland event in Facebook, I immediately pre-register Enzo. I was sure he’ll enjoy and meet some of his friends there too. It was a free event so yey! Haha sakto kasi after attending feast we went straight to SM Mall of Asia.

Upon arriving, it was easy for us because we registered online. Less hassle because we did not have to line up. The Kinder Wonderland event is for all kids and kids at heart who love chocolates and activities. So they set up different activity areas that kids can join and participate. Each child is given a pass card where they will get a Kinder Badge after completing four activity areas.

We started with the Boomerang but it was a little difficult for a two year old cause some clowns were high. Next we went to the obstacle course where again Enzo surprised us with his physical development. He can walk through the planks and climb the steep hill and slide down. Sisiw na sisiw kay Enzo haha! Then he went to the maze but got scared of the dark, laser light and the fog. Kulit kasi namin magasawa nakalagay sa info for kids 5+ eh. Haha! Then for his last activity, he joined the coloring activity but we decided to just take it home.




Of course, the event would not end without getting him a Kinderjoy candy. Hihi. Quiet lang ha kasi second time nya lang to get a KinderJoy hihi. Baby pa kasi eh. Hihi. Anyway, we wanted to get out photos taken in the photobooth but was hungry so we opted to leave a little bit early. Too bad Enzo did not get a photo with Kinderino. Hopefully, we can get one next time. Generally, it was fun but kinda bitin. Hehe.



Share your thoughts with me: Do you allow your kids to eat Kinderjoy? What do you love about it?:)


2 thoughts on “Events: Kinder Wonderland at SM MOA

  1. yes..pero hindi lagi! nakakatuwa kasi tingnan yung expression ni Rylee pag nakikita nya yung surprise toy sa loob. after that hindi na nya papansinin kasi yung chocolate naman ang focus nya…hehe! minsan nga ubos na yung chocolate di ko pa nababayaran yung kinder joy, lalo na pag naggrocery kami. haha! πŸ˜€


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