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Enzo Says: Go, Go, Enzo!

For most people who know me and my family, it is a known fact that we are active and sporty family. Nakuha naman talaga ni Enzo ang pagiging bibo sa aming dalawa hihi. No wonder also that our little boy is very malikot. My hubby is into basketball and one day while we were watching NCAA at home, this conversation happened


While watching NCAA last week:
Ethel: Maglalaro ka din dyan Enzo?
Enzo: Oo, ba-ball din ako
Ethel: Kikita ka sa TV?
Enzo: oo, nonood ikaw, si Mommy din
Ethel: Nonood kami?
Enzo: oo, mommy sisigaw “Go Go Enzo!”
Me: (wow hihi! #alamnaguys)

I can’t deny that I am and will be a stage mom and the little one knows that. Who wouldn’t be crazy over our kids, right?:)


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