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Condo Living: Cockroach-free Home

We’ve been living in a small condo unit for about two years now. Aside from the lack of space, and at times a problem with privacy with the little boy, we also face a problem of cockroaches infesting our small space. To be honest, we’ve experienced coming home and getting disgusted by the number of small cockroaches in our kitchen. It even came to the point that when I have to use the bathroom in the wee hours of night I’ll see cockroaches everywhere upon opening the light. It was disgusting, terrifying, and utterly unhygienic. It bothered and stressed me a lot especially since Enzo is still small and tends to still pick anything he sees on the floor. And please don’t judge me cause I always clean the unit, but was challenging was that the building itself has a problem with cockroach infestation. Maybe it was the garbage chute or the weather but whatever was making the cockroach infest our home was a “No-No”.

After trying all sorts of things, and reading a lot of articles on the net, I came to a wonderful solution.


Pest-Off Cockroach Gel is the newest roach killing bait that provides thorough and reliable cockroach control.The syringe is easy to handle-great for hard to reach places! It is not messy, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is highly attractive to cockroaches, and it lasts up to 90 days.Pest-Off Cockroach Gel is two times bigger and twice more savings than any other brand in the market.Pest-Off Cockroach Gel is a powerful and efficient cockroach control you would want to have!

We saw Pest-Off Cockroach Gel in Shopwise, Harrison Plaza. It costs about Php290 roughly. As soon as we got home, we put it to the test and placed a small amount of gel in our bathroom. It was timely because we were to go out-of-town for two days so we can really try if it works. Surprisingly, when we got home we saw the cockroaches dead not just inside the bathroom but in the kitchen as well. It was a yucky success. After one week, we could still see cockroaches die on their own and we didn’t see them just wherever. It was truly a SUCCESS for us. After a week, we used it in our kitchen, I injected it at the corners of the cabinets, and the back of the stove and also in the corners of the room. What I like about the cockroach gel is it’s safe for kids around, it doesn’t have a strong smell, and it only need a small amount to be efficient. We’ve already finished the entire gel but its still effective. It has been 2 months and though we already have few cockroaches its manageable.


For more information, you may check out their site here: PestOff Cockroach Gel.



40 thoughts on “Condo Living: Cockroach-free Home

  1. We also have problems with small cockroaches here in the condo, even thought we clean everyday. Tried different products already but nothing seems to work. Recently my mother in law gave us something it seems to be effective but it has a strong chemical scent. So thank you so much for sharing this, will definitely check this out.


  2. Relate! We also live in a small condo (U-belt area) and roaches are everywhere. It might be because other units owned by students are really dirty 😦 I’ll try this coackroach gel soon, thanks for the review! 🙂


  3. No matter how you clean, roaches are really there. My grandmother’s house is free from roaches because she uses insect spray, magkakasakit ka naman kung araw-araw spray. lol I will check this gel, this is also my problem in laundry and kitchen area.


  4. No matter how you clean, roaches are really there. My grandmother’s house is free from roaches because she uses insect spray, magkakasakit ka naman kung araw-araw spray. lol I will check this gel, this is also my problem in laundry and kitchen area..


  5. Same here! We use insect spray as well but the smell is so strong we have to do it only on days we have to be out of the house. Will look for this product and try it as well. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Same problem I am experiencing since I moved to a rented condo. Thanks for sharing this. I am about at my wit’s end trying to find solutions to get rid of all those tiny roaches lurking in my kitchen, too.


  7. Eek! One of my pet peeves ever. Pero now that I have a growing kid na gusto kong lumaking hindi maarte, tinatapangan ko na kapag nakakita ako ng ipis. Yung flying lang talaga ang hindi ko kaya. Hahaha! Will try this nga. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  8. Nako nako nako!!! The last time we visited our condo (we rented it out for 1.5 years), that’s the big problem that got us! Though our condo has regular pest control services naman. The tenant probably didn’t subject our unit to it. 😦

    By the way, I tried something like that from Baygon dati. It was effective, though after a few months, the cockroaches became resistant to it 😦


  9. We have cockroaches in our house too and the most bad part is they always bite my son. We regularly use Baygon but we all know that it’s smell is so strong. I hope I can find one of this in one of our supermarket.


  10. We have the same problem in our apartment and it’s really disgusting. I’m a going to check this product out on our next trip to Shopwise! It’s especially important now that I’m going to give birth in a couple of months.


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