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Toddler Talk: Toilet Training

One of the many important milestones of children is toilet training. How our kids learn to do this is a fascinating development. Imagine a baby in diaper and then suddenly they know how to use the toilet. It is such an amazing event in any child’s life and a family achievement. And I am so proud to say that Enzo has unlocked this one milestone even before turning three.

So I guess it is time for us to share how Enzo did it and what are roles were as his parents. I’d also share with you other members of our Toilet Training team: Wiwi Dino and PooPoo Train.


Okay so even before we started potty/toilet train Enzo, I came across this Toilet Training Kit from BookSale. The kit contains a book, a Dino and Train chart, star achievement stickers, and a parent’s guide.


It was a great find as I already knew what to expect when Enzo becomes ready to wee and poo on his own. It was also timely as from what I learned in my masters, parents can start toilet training their children at the age of two. I saw this practice while observing the two’s class in Child Development Center in UP Diliman. That made me started on prepping Enzo to move away from his diapers. Luckily, it was the perfect timing as he was slowly getting aware of the wetness of his diapers. It was an indicator that he already knows when he is dry or wet and his being irritable with diapers. So I took the cue from him and asked him if he would want me to remove his diaper and just wear his briefs. To my amazement he agreed and was looking confident and all when he said he can do without his diapers.


We then introduced him to his new friend Jolly the Potty. At first he did not know how to use it but eventually after his dad showed him how to do it he knew what it was for. It was also the right time to display Wiwi Dino and PooPoo Train to him and he gets excited every time I tell him he’ll earn a star for every wiwi he does in the potty. Positive reinforcement really works, parents so let us give them what they want. Hihi 🙂

That was all we did, the rest was up to Enzo and I was so proud the first time he did wee wee and poopoo on his potty. It sure was a proud moment for him too as he would share to everyone how he did it for the first time. But a word of caution, toilet training is a messy milestone. There were a lot of times when Enzo wasn’t successful in using the potty. I would even find him all wet because he already weewee on the floor. It was messy and got me a huge pile of stinky briefs and shorts. But now that he has done it I am so proud of him and he does not even want me to accompany him we he goes wee wee. By the way, we don’t use the potty anymore cause he was more comfortable with the big toilet. It gave him a big boy feeling and confidence that he uses the same toilet bowl like us. Such a proud moment for me and hubby. We also placed a washcloth in the restroom door so every after he weewee he knows he has to wash, flush, and dry himself. That is one tip I could suggest you folks to try. So you don’t only train them how to use the toilet but also to keep their hands cleam all the time.


You might be asking what’s the difference with potty and toilet training, and which one best suits your toddler. Well, it really is very simple: potty training is using a potty while toilet training is using the adult toilet bowl directly. In Enzo’s journey we used both potty and toilet training. Jolly the Potty was given as a gift to Enzo on his first birthday so we used it just to introduce him to the concept eventually it became easier for him to use the toilet bowl because it was just the right height for him plus he gets to flush it too. Just in case you are torn between potty and toilet training here are some Pros and Cons of using a toilet bowl:

No cleaning out of dirty potties
No need to negotiate the transition from potty to toilet.
It’s cheaper as you already have the toilet and you just need to buy a toilet ring or seat which can last them a couple of years.
For toddlers, using the toilet would seem to be more grown up for them.

Some toddlers may find the toilet intimidating and frightening. The sound of the flush can also scare toddlers into using it.
When outside it can be difficult to find a toilet. Lining up can also be difficult for toddlers to hold on to their bladder.
The toilet may be located farther so there may be accidents early in the training process.

As for our experience, toilet training was easier for us. Living in a small condo unit the toilet was easy to reach when Enzo says he needs to pee. It is also much easier for him to stand using the toilet bowl than the potty. The potty was a lot more messier in my opinion. So there, our next challenge though is getting Enzo to poopoo in the toilet cause right now he needs to wear diapers before he can go. The pottu he uses is too smalle for him to go poopoo while the toilet seems to be very big for him. Hopefully we can transition his poopoo too from diapers to toilet.

Also, I will share more tips about toilet training and how to know if your toddlers is ready this month so please please stay tuned. I promise to be as informative and helpful as I can!:) So just in case you have questions about potty or toilet training, hit me up in the comment box or in my social media accounts. 🙂 See you!:)


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