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Event: Podee Hands Free Baby Bottle

Last Saturday, I attended the launching of Podee® Hands Free Baby Bottle in Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City. I got curious about the product because of its hands free feature. I bottlefed Enzo since he was 2month old up to now. Although I am planning to wean him next year, I am still happy to have been introduced to this product. This revolutionary can help SAHM, WAHMS, and Working moms in feeding their babies and toddlers safely even while using bottles.

Podee playfullifewithkids1

The event started with Dr. Chiao-Tiao Yumol, an ER physician at Santa Clara de Montefalco Bulacan, speaking about the dangers of feeding bottles to babies and shared some horror stories of babies dying due to aspiration (taking into foreign objects inside the lungs). He emphasized on the need for parents’ to consider buying bottles that have safety features.

Podee playfullifewithkids6

According to Dr. Yumol, there are three possible causes of choking in children during feeding:

  1. Feeding positions: The baby should not be laid flat down when bottle feeding as infants’ gag reflex are not full developed until one year old. An indicator that a baby might be choking is when they are coughing while feeding, the feeding position should be either on a pillow, cradle carry or on a caregiver/parent’s lap. In this way choking in babies can be prevented.
  2. Feeding bottles without safety features: Most feeding bottles includes safety feature through the nipple sizes only. The problem however is when infants starts to grow their teeth can increase the sizes of the nipples due to constant sucking. My toddler actually does that and I get shocked at times that the nipples have large holes already.
  3. Other caregiving factors: As per Dr. Yumol, one of the causes of infant choking is caregiving styles. He shared that because some parents, and caregivers may be tired from all the work or household chores, so they do not notice their babies and toddlers while feeding. I can share an experience that I do when Enzo was still an infant where I would just put a pillow under his feeding bottle while I do household chores. Yes, sorry I know it’s irresponsible but I never thought it could actually lead to problems like that.

Podee playfullifewithkids5.jpg

Thus, it is important and significant to choose a bottle that has a safety feature for the babies and toddlers while giving an ease to parents. This is where Podee® Hands Free Baby Bottle was created and becomes a welcome solution to today’s busy on-the-go parents. It is a complete system that includes an 8-ounce BPA-Free baby bottle and all the necessary parts. Aren’t you curious how it becomes a Hands free bottle? Well here it is:

Podee playfullifewithkids10


Podee® Hands Free Baby Bottle includes two (2) tubes, two (2) adapters, (2) disks, a nipple and a bottle. It actually looks like a regular bottle but the tubing is its unique feature. The adaptive flow system allows the baby to manage the pacing and amount of flow with ease. It is also easier for the babies to let go of the nipple once done feeding, and what is even better is that the nipples have a stop-feature which means it does not flow without sucking motion. This way it prevents ear infection due to automatic flow of milk. It also prevents colic and reflux. The product was explained fully by Ms. Maria Christina Siladan who is an avid user of Podee® with her two children. She explains how safe the materials used are safe because it is BPA-free and Leed-free. It also passed US standards of quality nipples uses cross-cut technology, environment friendly, and the tube connecting bottle and nipple is 11.5 inches which passes the safety measurement to avoid strangulation.

Podee playfullifewithkids7.jpg

Aside from the benefits of Podee® to infants and toddlers, parents can also benefit from it because it gives some peace of mind to parents while feeding because they are assured that they get the right amount of milk even without always checking on them. It sure is a good investment to prevent more hospital check up and medicine expenses.

Podee® Hand Free Baby Bottle is priced at Php1,699.00 and is available in their online FB page as of now. But for their soft launching, they have a promo of Php1,299 for two bottles. Just send an email to Nonet or Rita at podeebottlephilippines@gmail.com or text them at  09288599928/09275138989. Visit their page for more details and updates on their product: https://www.facebook.com/podeebottlephilippines/posts/1551196758502938. 

Podee playfullifewithkids11
Wink with #Podeehandsfree.


Join their ongoing contest and get a chance to be the first Filipino Podee brand ambassador and win cash prizes.

Promo Mechanics:

1. Buy and try Podee®

2. Take a photo of your baby using Podee® bottle

3. Upload it on Facebook and use the hashtag #podee #podeehandsfreebottle #smartbottle #feedsupright #tagmedia #mindsetevents

Sending of entries starts August 6 to 31, 2016. Good luck!:)

Thank you Tag Media, Mindset Events, Ms. Grace and Ms. Shiela for the invite. It was such an informative event!:) Lil Enzo says thank you too for his new Podee® hands free baby bottles!:)



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