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Book Review: From Depressed to Determined: A Six Step Guide to Thrive and Have Personal Success

About two months ago, I had an opportunity to do another book review by Ms. Viviene Bigornia entitled From Depressed to Determined: A Six Step Guide to Thrive and Have Personal Success. Upon getting the e-book and seeing the title I had an impression that it is directed towards readers going through a depression. I went on to read it as I enjoy reading self help books. I know I will get new insights and learning even when I was not depressed.. or so I thought.

Do you feel powerless in achieving your goals? You know you should be somewhere better doing something you are called to do but you don’t know where to start. You just lack the motivation to pursue your dreams.

This book is for you.

This book is about my journey on being a first time mom and a businesswoman at the same time. I share in the pages of this book the struggles I went through and how I managed to get out of depression, got back on my feet and started ticking off goals I have set for myself.

And you can too! You can start ticking off goals you have so wanted to achieve. It’s time to thrive and have personal success.

Find out the exact 6 steps I did that moved me from depressed to determined!

From depressed to determined, is a must read book for married women, mothers, career women, SAHM, or just women in general. It is a highly relatable book and you’ll find someone who actually understands what you are going througj because she has been there. Just a few pages in the book, I pictured myself in Viviene’s stories. I would nod and grin while reading because I felt her frustrations and struggles as I was in the same position. Initially I though I could not relate to the book but I got more than what I expected.

What to Expect in From Depressed to Determined: A six step guide to thrive and have personal success. 

A friend. 

While reading the book, I felt very comfortable reading it. It was like a conversation with a friend and it felt natural to just go on and finish the book instantly. But just like any real life conversations with a friend, the author did not just preach about what to do but instead walked the talked and was a role model. Why? Because the book was interactive.

A coach. 

Interactive because Viviene Bigornia, motivates its readers to take action. To do something concrete and not just go through the book from start to end. For most books I have read I was not compelled to make a move about thw lesson of the book. In other self help books I just read and read until I finish, felt motivated after but I did not get the results I wanted. It was just another book I’ve finished but not practiced. Self help books only work if we put it into action right? This book actually made me move and work on my goals. Having a friend with this also meant having a coach every chapter ends. I was motivated to finish the tasks for every chapter before I proceeded to the next. It was great way of encouraging me to make concrete steps. The worksheets were easily accessible and to understand.


A teacher.

After each chapter, there are to do tasks as I mentioned earlier. For a teacher like me, I enjoy worksheets and reflection guides because it gives practice to context. I fully grasped the idea of each chapter because I had to do it myself. I finished reading the book for about two months because I took the worksheets seriously. I alloted a lot of time working on the chapter tasks and followed the instructions to not just go on to the next chapter without finishing the task. I am thankful for this kind of book because I was able to put structures into my goals that lead to a clearer direction and action plans. I realized how important it is to find an inspiration and a mentor and make time to get to know them and their journey. They say the best teacher is experience but we can also learn from other people’s experiences. We can understand and recognize their mistakes along the way and maybe be more cautious of it in our own process.


A Mirror. 


Lastly, what I love about the book is that I found a mirror. I was reading about my life and how at one point in my life felt useless and confused. I knew I had to do something about my life but could not figure out what especially with the new role as a mom and wife. While reading Viviene Bigornia’s book I was reminded of the same struggles and pain. But what is most important is that I found a comfort knowing I am not alone and there is something I can do.

Now I can say that slowly I am reaching goals upon goals everyday and I am reminded of the things I want and why I want it. There is really power in writing and when visions are in black and white it seems easier to accomplish. I started utilizing a bullet planning format and compiled a goals workbook. My goals’ workbook include all aspects I would want to improve on like my blogsite, my masters, and my newly opened business. I can proudly say that it has empowered me to work on my goals and it refuels me every time I finish a task. I highly recommend everyone to read it and have the direction you have been wanting.


Viviene is happily married to the man of her dreams for 6 years now. After being married for 4 years, they were blessed with a little girl. Since then, she’s become busy being a mommy while managing her online businesses. Her passion is to share, inspire and empower women (especially wives and moms) to faithfully serve the Lord through their chosen career or business. She hopes her readers will find encouragement to find success and fulfill their mission in life. You can purchase her book in Amazon: Click here: From Depressed to Determined:A 6 Step Guide to Thrive and Have Personal Success


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