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What you need to know about Dengue + Giveaway

he rainy season comes along with illness like cough, colds, and flu. But along with it is the increasing rate of Dengue during rainy season. Dengue is a health problem continuously growing in numbers especially in the Philippines and other countries of the same climate. At present, there are 3.9 billion people in 128 countries that has been endangered because of this sickness. Every year cases of dengue victims has been increasing which is why Calpol with government agencies like Department of Health has initiated a campaign on how to inform more people about it.

Facts about Dengue according to Department of Health: 


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Dengue is transferred to people through a female mosquito called Aedes which is the carrier of the dengue disease. The Aedes mosquito usually lives in dark areas and lay their eggs in clear water. They often attack the entire day but most especially two hours before sunrise and 2 houra before sunset. Another characteristic of these mosquitos is that they prey on moving or mobile victims. This may be one of the reasons why many children are victims of this disease. They usually bite on the sides and back of a person and propagate during rainu season. The dengue virusnis incubates in the Aedes mosquito from 2 – 8 days but starts infecting those it bites after the incubation period.



  1. High continuous fever that lasts for 2-7 days.
  2. Skin flushing
  3. Hemorrhagic manifestation or bleeding of nose and/or gums
  4. loss of appetite
  5. nausea/vommitting

The symptoms are almost alike with flu or trangkaso so it is highly important to monitor anyone who may have these symptoms. Prevention is better than cure so ensure that you get doctor’s opinion as soon as fever is continuously high. Also, ibuprofen shouls never be given to suspected victims of dengue because ibuprofen causea bleeding. This bleeding can be attributed to dengue even if it might be false. Best in fever management is paracetamol so as to help ease the high temperature and give patients rest.

Aside from managing the virus, it is equally necessary to practice preventive measures. As states by DOH, there is a 4s against dengue:

  • Search and destroy: clean up houses and communities and ensure that there are no stagnat water.
  • Seek immediate consultation: If any member of the family or you are experiencing high fever immediately consult with your soctor.
  • Say “NO” to indoscriminate fogging: Fogging won’t help areas without dengue outbreak or epidemic. Fogging should only be done in areas with high cases of dengue.
  • Self-protection measures: Use insect repellant and keep houses clean.

These are just few measures we can do at home or in the communities. The best weapon we can have is education and awareness. That is why I am giving away Calpol Gift Pack so  you mommies, or daddies, or anyone can be more informed about the prevention, control and management of dengue. Join now and become an #AllyAgainstDengue just like me. 

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8 thoughts on “What you need to know about Dengue + Giveaway

  1. My first born had dengue twice and i wouldnt want that to happen again to him or to any of my boys. We constantly clean our front and back yard as well as use insect repellent lotion. Calpol is a good ally, too.


  2. Nagpalagay ako ng screen sa windows to make sure na at least mabawasan if not maiwasan ang pagpasok ng mga lamok. Every now and then I polish the floor with floor wax kasi ayaw ng mga insects yung amoy nun. We also put anti-mosquito patches on the kids when they go out to play sa playground

    Katrina Santiago


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