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Nutri10Plus Syrup: Making it Easy for Toddlers to Drink their Vitamins

Have you ever had difficulty making your little ones drink their vitamins or medicines? Well, to be honest, I have a long period of difficulty making Enzo drink his medicines/vitamins. It was probably because of his early experience of the hospitals and those chemical-tasting antibiotics he had to take when he was sick. Those experiences made it difficult for us to make him drink even his vitamins and food supplements. So everyday drinking his vitamins was a power struggle. We’d try to sweet talk him into it or when worse comes to worst we force it into him. A really awful sight and sound, if I may say.

Luckily now, as he is growing a little bitΒ  older, (He’s three years old btw, haha!) it is easier for him to take his vitamins and medicines. Aside from explaining to him the effects of not taking his vitamins and medicines and realizing he’s better to drink it than to be confined in the hospital, he complies to us. But the biggest weapon that we had to make Enzo drink joyfully his vitamins is the sweet taste and the wonderful experience it brings. Diba nga, pag masaya ang experience, maganda ang memories so gagawin nilang recurring moments. So when we finally found the vitamins/supplements that he enjoys we make sure to give it to him everyday so he would always enjoy the moment.Β  SoΒ  I am sharing with you one of the reasons how we made drinking vitamins easier for our little tot, which is NUTRI10PLUS Syrup from Wert Philippines.


NUTRI10PLUS Syrup helps promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth, enhance brain development, and used as a dietary supplement too. It has Taurine, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Lysine, and Zinc. Which makes it best for my little boy who’s super active and strong. That is also the reason I like Nutri10Plus because it is the perfect partner for my child who learns through exploration and play. I love that Nutri10Plus Syrup gives him the energy he needs for the entire day.



PLUS, Nutri10Plus taste is a hit for my Enzo. He loves its taste so we don’t have to force him into it. He is excited when we show him the bottle and it makes our lives a lot easier. Thank you for the wonderfully tasting supplements Nutri10Plus, now we don’t have to fight for his food supplements. Just remember, Mommies and Daddies, aside from great tasting vitamins, we also have to understand and be patient with our children in making them take their medicines. Explaining it to them clearly and calmly is also a great way to make them do it. We just have to make them feel that what we are doing is for them and that they will benefit from it.

Thank you Wert Ph for the bottles of Nutri10Plus Syrup you sent over for Enzo. He now eats more than he usually does which is great because of his high metabolism. At times he also forgets to eat when playing but when he took this he has more appetite. So now, I don’t have to worried about his eating habits with Nutri10Plus. Thanks also Mommy Bloggers Philippines for this opportunity.

For more information, you may check them on FB: Nutri10Plus


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