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Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp: Be Your Own Marvel Hero

Hi everyone! Been lost for a couple of weeks due to full workloads and school works but hey, I made time to chat with you all again, right? Congrats to me! I promise as soon as I get off work and school, I’ll be sharing a lot more to you!!!:)

Anyway, Enzo got the chance to join the Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp in SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia last November 20. It was actually one of the few events I attended this year but I was so glad we decided to join. Thanks again Ms. Joyce for the invite.

The Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp is an event for kids to become their favorite Marvel and Disney heroes. The event aims to empower kids that they can be whoever they want to be. I’d say they were really successful in their objective as even my three year old was able to perform different tasks in the camp.


Going to the entrance, Enzo immediately saw the big poster and was so excited that he had to take a photo with Ironman and the big Alaska choco drinks. I knew we were in for a great time even before entering the event place.


Upon entering we saw a lot of kids doing the varied missions in different stations. All I was seeing was giggling, and laughter from kids while some parents where enjoying their cup of coffee and latte at the Krem Top  booth. I was overwhelmed for a while but got my compusre after a few seconds, haha! So we went ahead to the stations where Enzo was allowed to go, the event was targeted for kids 4 years old above so Enzo had to do the appropriate ones for his age.

First stop, the coloring activity where Enzo had fun coloring Mater coloring pages. He got even more excited when a group of kids joined in the table with him.





He then went to the stacking tower but I was unable to take a photo of him cause being a stage mom I had to cheer and help him while doing it. Haha High Five to both of us!:)


My favorite part of the mission was the Matching Game. It was such a surprise for me that Enzo was able to do it by himself. It took as a  long time but still he was able to accomplish his task, and for me that is what’s important. Even if we have to take a lot of time he can take all the time he needs and I’m still sure to be with him.

He then proceeded to one of his favorite things to do these days which is the Blocks station. He lined up by himself and gave the card to the station master which was another proud moment for me. I knew he can wait for his turn and that’s a great thing for a three year old!:)


He also played with the Ball area and the Plank and both were an amazing experience for him and me too. I was really amused at how confident and ready he was to take on different challenges and experiences.


Here are some other photo stories of different missions during the Alaska Mission Camp:

It was an amazing experience for our entire family. The place was perfect for the concept of the event because it was spacious and wide so children can really roam around the place. It also didn’t feel crowded even with all the people around. The temperature was also not so cold and hot so children and even parents truly enjoyed the event. I also loved the idea of the different missions which were age appropriate for the targeted kids. It also gave little children to enjoy some of the stations while others were challenged as well. I also would like to commend the staff and station masters because they were all so nice and accommodating. They were all smiling and ready to lend a help to Enzo and other children. Talagang nakakatuwa kapag masaya din ang mga nagaassist sa bawat station. Congrats Alaska for hiring these wonderful people. I also had a lot of memorable moments with Enzo because I got to see his new skills and knowledge with the different stations. It was an enlightening experience wherein it proves that play really is necessary for children’s learning and development. What made the event even better is Enzo enjoyed his Alaska drinks before, during, and after the event. He even shared some of it to his friends and me and his dad. Such a timely event because we we’re weaning Enzo with his bottle and great thing he LOVED ALASKA MILK.


Thank you Alaska for making Enzo believe he can be whoever he wants to be and to be confident about himself and his skills. Thank you for giving us time to bond together as a family. Lastly, thank you for teaching Enzo to share and be generous with all the Alaska milk you gave him. Btw, thanks also for making our transition from bottle to glass easier with your products. Kudos to a great event and cheers to more events in the future!:)

For more information on Alaska Milk, visit www.alaskamilk.com; and like their Facebook page, Alaska Milk, to be updated on promos and other activities.



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