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My Mom-preneur Story

I am a mother. I am an Entrepreneur. This is my mompreneur story.

This might be an out of the ordinary post I would write in my blog but because this story has long been overdue, here goes.  Aside from the usual stories I tell you, (like masters, teaching job, and homeschooling Enzo) what kept me busy for a year already is our USANA business. I am finally turning into a legit entrepreneur! I say legit because since I was in grade school, I have been selling stuff to classmates, friends, and relatives. Let me share with you my entrepreneur story:

I started selling when I was in grade school; it was in third grade if my memory does not fail me where I would sell stationaries, paper dolls, and Nido storybooks to my classmates. I had the idea from a classmate who was also selling her stationaries. I have the habit of collecting stuff and back in grade school I collected stationaries, key chains, paper dolls and a whole lot more.   When I saw my classmate selling her stuff I knew instantly that I could sell my extra stuff too. So my entrepreneurial spirit was awakened. My stationary business that time was on a high. Then high school came, though I couldn’t remember a time when I sold something I remembered having a conversation with my high school friend of establishing our bookstore shop. My friends and I love erasers, pens, and notebooks so we thought it was a great business idea. But just like most of the things in high school, the idea quickly faded. In college, I remembering having a loading cellphone but it was short lived. I had the poor mindset that having a business was only for poor people or that selling is a shameful thing to do. A day after college graduation I got accepted to a company who recruits people to go to Canada but after only a short four months I left the company. That left me to become a bum at home, and since I wanted and needed money for my leisure and recreation, I made beaded slippers and turned it into a business again. I would go to Divisoria and buy my materials, post my works in Multiply, coerce my siblings and mom to buy from me (haha), and soon I had my hands full doing beaded slippers. I also had orders in Saudi, thanks to my sister in law’s mom who ordered about 12 pairs of slippers. That was truly an amazing moment. I had my money for myself and I was even able to travel to Boracay for 1 week with my friends. Talk about a proud moment!:) But just as soon as I was accepted to an employment I stopped working on my business. I knew I can count on my monthly income so why bother making beaded slippers that would take me half a day to finish, right? So I started teaching, fast forward to getting married and being pregnant, I was a part time teacher so I don’t have the benefits that regular employees have. So I had to leave my teaching job, and look for an online work. I was hired as an Email customer service associate for a HongKong company and had to work 10 hours a day. It was easy and gave me enough to save up for  the baby. And just like a saving grace, my entrepreneurial spirit rose again, and so I created my first online shop, title Cheap Steals Budget Shopping. At first it was a pre loved clothes store until I found suppliers of accessories, makeups, etc. I had fun doing it, was earning from it and the best thing about it is that I control my time. I had a handful of customers from relatives, friends, and even strangers I didn’t even know. I learned a lot about shipping, couriers, bank payments, inventory, and etc. After about 6 months, I was back into teaching (my first love) but my online store did not stop, I sold lipsticks and other things I can put my hands on. I think it selling comes naturally for me, but I wasn’t really aware of it. Then the year 2016 came, a friend of my husband offered us a business opportunity we couldn’t resist. The truth is I didn’t know how to sell the products at first, but as Zig Ziglar puts it You don’t need to be great to start, you just have to start to be great’, we got into the system. So let me share with you our journey:

Our USANA Journey

It was a Thursday night, after attending the Feast, we met up with my husband’s friend to purchase some products. My hubby was getting back in shape and it was his supplements. I’d tell you I did not want to meet with him because I KNEW WHAT IT WAS! I have had bad experiences in other companies and I did not want to hear any of it. But, after listening to the business system, it was truly one of an amazing opportunity we could not let ourselves pass through. Ever since that day, I have become a better person, not just because of the earnings but more because of these:

To dream again. Having our own family is a different experience altogether. Financial wise, emotional stability, juggling work and responsibility it was truly challenging. But through the business I have come to awaken the dreams I have kept hidden because of the struggles I was experiencing.


Personal development. I am a person with a LOT of insecurities. The experience I had since childhood contributed to those insecurities. Having found this industry and business partners, they have taught me to trust, accept, and improve myself amidst the personal struggles I have. I am a work in progress but the good thing is I AM PROGRESSING.


Better Marriage.My hubby and I are good communicators, if there is any tip I would share to how we make our marriage work, it would be to COMMUNICATE. Being in the business, I realized we may be good communicators but we can become even great. The business has made us communicate beyond the stories but more about the goals and dreams we would like to fulfill. We started talking about what we REALLY WANTED in our life, and SET action to ACHIEVE them. I may be growing individually but this part is a blessing to be thankful for.


Blessed to be Struggling. Speaking of blessing, being a part of this industry, company, and team has made me realize how I am saved by God’s grace every day. He makes all things possible but He will give us challenges. Challenges that serves as our experiences and HIS WONDERFUL LESSON. Being in this business has truly made my relationship with God stronger.

Healthier lives. One of the best things about the business is learning more about our health. Through the products, my parents, family members, and relatives are taken care of. To hear my dad talk about how the products help him in his life is priceless. To see my brother in law recover from his heart attack with the help of the products is reason enough to continue doing the business. I also have positive feedback from friends, and co-teachers and it is such a blessing to be a medium of God’s healing hand.

This is merely the start of our journey. Yes, it is difficult, yes there are struggles, but success doesn’t just come to people. Success is a byproduct of all the challenges, struggles, and failures one experiences. Every time we wake up energized and motivated to help others have the best life and health they can have is a success in its own.  We have to make our own success story and eventually (hopefully) inspire others as well to have their own story. If  you think you are a person looking for ways to make your dreams come true, develop yourself, improve your relationships, connect or reconnect to God, and have healthier lives, hit me a message. Let’s team up and be an inspiration to others.  Remember, a journey to a million step, starts with one.




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