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How to join the Gardenia Kiddie Workshop: The Ultimate Bread Journey


Gardenia opened its first ever Kiddie Workshop in 2017 to hundreds of kids who enjoyed an – ultimate bread journey workshop experience.

The workshop included fun-filled, educational learning activities such as storytelling, plant tour guiding, art session, proper hand washing and healthy eating habits lecture, cooking class, and mascot appearance.

This year, the workshop does not only aim to provide an enjoyable experience to the kids but also firsthand learning experiences for them. It will have a new set of exciting activities wherein kids will learn and have fun at the same time.


  • kids ages 5-10 years old (accompanied by one parent or guardian)

Note: if kids are not in this age bracket but are already capable to participate in the activities, they are welcome to join.


  1. Fill out the Gardenia Kiddie Workshop registration form here: or

download and fill out the form at Gardenia Plant Tour Facebook page (@GardeniaFactoryTour).


  1. Send the accomplished form via Facebook PM or thru email at
  2. Bring empty packaging of the following Gardenia products on the day of the workshop:
  3. 1 loaf packaging
  4. 1 pandesal/bun packaging
  5. 1 Creamroll packaging
  6. 1 Pocket Sandwich packaging
  7. 1 Twiggies packaging
  8. Bring any ID that indicates the kid’s date of birth on the day of the workshop.



  • Introduction to Bread Making, Story Telling, Plant Tour, Art Sessions, Bread Store Junior Crew, Baking Class, and a whole lot more exciting surprises!


  • Trunk line: (02) 889-8990 | (049) 539-1136 to 40 local 258
  • Mobile: 0917-894-2341 | 0920-911-4606
  • E-mail:

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