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Promises made POSSIBLE with Sun Life Financial

I got the chance to be part of Sun Life’s press conference with Piolo Pascual last July 14 at the World Trade Center, Pasay city. The conference highlighted on the fulfilled promise of Sun Life Financial Philippines for more than 120 years. Over the years, Sun Life have remained relevant and consistent to all of its clients. As an example, there are families of different generation who have placed their financial journey. But where do Piolo Pascual came into the picture?


Well, surprising as it was for me to find out during the conference, that Piolo Pascual’s financial advisor is his very own sister, Chiqui Pascual-Gonzales. Thus, the fulfilled promise of Sun Life  Financial Philippine is truly evident in the lives of the Pascual. According to Piolo, Chiqui has been instrumental in ensuring that his dreams for his family all come true. He says that aside from being siblings, Chiqui has been very professional in their relationship as financial advisors. As Chiqui also mentioned, Piolo is really careful of the money that he earns and he wants to make sure he gets the best investment or benefits from them. She says that she is always ready to answer Piolo’s question and makes sure she updates him on the status of his investments. This is also appreciated by Piolo as his sister becomes his guidance in terms if his financial well being. He says that their partnership, he is able to develop and work on his craft and passion while also ensuring his financial stability and more importantly the fulfillment of his life’s promise to his family.


It is amazing how Piolo talks about his finances and how well he manages it because he understands the importance of learning about one’s finances. He also emphasizes on the importance of having a financial advisor, one who would guide and assist you on your financial well-being. As a parent, I was also amazed at how he also in his little ways influence his son, Inigo Pascual, into managing his own finances. He says that it is important to start investing at a young age so to reap the benefits earlier as well.  Thu, this is the reason, why Piolo Pascual is a real example of Sun Life Financial’s success story, where lifetime partnerships are developed and nurtured through the years. Their story is one of the many sand have stories that has inspired Sunlife’s latest campaign which highlights Sunlife’s presence in a client’s life at all throughout the different stages of life. A commercial is shown to represent the many promises that Sun Life has helped into fruition for the past 123 years of its existence.


This real life stories are a way for Sun Life to reach out to people and hopefully inspire them to take the same path in their financial journey.  “As the longest-standing life insurance company in the Philippines, we have witnessed many promises being fulfilled throughout the years and have served generations of clients. It is an honor for us to serve all our clients and help them secure their future and those of their loved ones” says Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa.

Thus, as a parent myself, I have a lot of promises for my family and I want it fulfilled as well. I realized that earning and saving money is not enough for me to make these promises possible, but having a financial lifetime partner can help make it more possible or easier to fulfill. So I am glad I have know Sun Life Financial Ph and their commitment to people’s promises. I will make it possible for my promises with Sun Life Financial.

With Nhessie Agustin of Rolled Into one Mom and Lee Rosales of I Love Paars. #Tablemates #LapitansiPioloGoals

Thank you Sun Life Financial, and Arby of ABC Digital for inviting me. Learned a lot about keeping my finances in check and SunLife will be definitely a good choice for moms like me.


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