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Ecobricks: Easy Steps to do at Home

I have been ecobricking for almost two months already. I got this idea first from hearing about it in school. I had some students who needed to submit a bottle of filled up plastics and learned that they brought all of it in Zambales to be made into houses. Afterwhich, I joined the facebook group Buhay Zero Waste were I learned more about it. From that group I learned how to do some ecobricks and tried one out immediately. I also continued to learn more about the proper way of doing ecobricks which is also what I want to share with you all.


Easy Steps to Ecobrick:

First, prepare your plastic bottle. Make sure your bottles are dry to prevent moisture inside when you start putting your plastics.

Collect your plastics and sort them. There are hard and soft plastics. Soft plastic can be put straight inside the bottle while hard ones need to be washed and cut into strips.


Wash the plastics so no residue would be left on the packaging. We use dishwashing soap to clean it. It is an important part of ecobricking because any leftover food or residue can emit methane into the plastic thus releasing toxins.

Dry the washed plastics, then cut into strips. Make sure it is completely dry.


After cutting, put it inside the bottles and use a stick to make sure that the plastics are compact inside. The idea is to create a brick-like bottle so it has to be really hard inside. To check if your ecobrick is compact enough you can weigh it as per EcoBrick Philippines’ standard.

Doing this for months already, I noticed that our waste has really lessen. This means our waste are really mainly of plastics so  I am now more conscious in consuming foods with plastics. I also carry ecobags and as much as I can remember (you know, momnesia!) bring utensils everywhere we go. In this way we eliminate the use of plastic not just at home but also in other places.

Lastly, make sure to weight your ecobricks according to your bottle size.


There are different drop-off points where we can bring our ecobricks. Here are a list of drop-off points from Ecobricks Philippines: EcoBrick Drop off Points

Ecobricks can be used as a substitute for hollow blocks, and are used in buildings and houses. Other people also use it as decorative structures like chairs, walls, etc. There are a lot of uses for ecobricks and it is doable by everyone. Though ecobricks help in waste elimination, the ultimate goal still is to lessen the production of waste because for ecobrickers they would still advocate for a zero waste life meaning an elimination of single use plastic. Ecobricking is just one of the ways we can do to put used plastics into one container but it would be better if we would no longer need to do ecobricks right? It is also a good way to start teaching our children to care for the environment and to be careful of the waste that we produce.

Have you tried doing ecobricks? How’s your   experience? Let’s talk soon! For more information, follow and like Ecobricks Philippines


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