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Parentology+: Moms’ Partner in Raising Well-Rounded Children

This year we face a new milestone in our family since Enzo started schooling. Yes, I already have a cute little schoolboy. And though, it is an exciting time for Enzo and I there are also a lot of new challenges that we face. It’s not like we just leave the kids at school and let them be, right? We still think about them even if we are away while fulfilling other roles we had at work or in the family. As a working mom, there are other demands placed on me at work which I also need to manage. Another big difference in our lives now is that the hubby is working abroad, and we don’t have a househelp, so everything really is dependent on me. (Sounds OA noh? Not really but well, you know what I mean, right?) So there are times that I don’t get to play with Enzo that much especially physical activity. Minsan pagod nalang talaga ako, which is why I sometimes use the TV and tablet as my babysitter. (Sorry FLCD peeps haha).

So sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that I feel uncapable of raising my own child. But what’s great is that there are people who surrounds me that serves as my support group in times when I am literally over the place. I also discovered NanKid’s Parentology+ advocacy to help parents be empowered with different useful tips to help shape their children’s future. It is anchored on three pillars of proper nutrition, active lifestyle, and high social quotient. It is timely as parents should be able to also adapt to different parenting strategies that would fit the children of today. It sure is a different generation from what I belong to so it is important that I get updated on new ways of caring for my child.


The three pillars that they stand for are really what matters in Enzo’s life stage. Having the right nutrition would help him in school and in fulfilling new tasks for him. He’ll be joining the cub scouts this year so he needs all the proper nutrition he can get. So, I make sure that he eats the right kinds of food, and make him drink milk so he’ll have stronger bones and muscles. I also need to level up my cooking skills so he can get the right nourishment with the food we eat. Likewise, active play is important for his growth and development so I need to make sure he gets a balanced physical activity and rest. As one of the Parentology+ expert Dr. Edgar Eufemio states, “kids learn the different traits that are beneficial to their physical development and lifestyle”. He also adds that in order to encourage more active play for kids, it is important to give them words of encouragement and support them in whatever they are doing. We also need to be good role models for our children so we need to establish good physical activities as well. Lastly, socialization, is equally significant  as it has a big impact on the child’s later development. How they treat and interact others can be seen and shaped in the way they communicate, and play with children their age. They learn significant skills such as taking turns, decision making, being polite, and controlling their emotions.


All these are valuable foundation for our children to have at an early age so they may be well-rounded kids in the future. Raising children is an important role to be fulfilled not just by parents but everyone as well like teachers, community, and now with Nestle Nankid Parentology+. There will be more activities with Parentology+ and Nestle so follow them on their facebook to get first dibs on their events.

Follow them here: NANKIDOPTIPRO

Thank you Nankid Optipro for these goodies! We are school ready!:)



24 thoughts on “Parentology+: Moms’ Partner in Raising Well-Rounded Children

  1. Wow nice naman. Magandang milk nga ito for kids para sa mga mag start na sa school perfect ito.

    Name: rojean mae lamsin
    Add: 60 magnolia st pingkian 3 zone 3 brgy pasong tamo qc


  2. True Momshie! NAN KID FOUR users din po ako sa 2 anak. Trusted ako sa kalidad kasi may optimize protein, DHA, bifidus BL probiotics and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Yan Din gamit saakin ng mother ko yung baby ako until kids time. Trusted na hangang sa namana ko na ang pag papainom sa anak ko ng NANKID FOUR.


  3. Ganda pala ng milk na to 🤗 never ko pa kasi na try. Sakto lay toddler pla eto.
    joined po
    Ig: iamlove_iloveyou
    address: u 220 bldg 12 Philippine Centennial Village Western Bicutan Taguig City 1630
    twitter: compoc_love
    thanks po 😊


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