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NESTOGROW FOUR: Helping our Kids Grow Happy

One of my concerns as a mom is to make sure my child is happy. Happiness for me means he is able to play, develop, and be whatever he wants to be. In my opinion, the first step to a child to grow happy is to ensure they have a good health. Kapag sakitin ang bata, ang daming nawawalang pagkakataon sa kanila. Opportunity to play, learn, interact, and grow decreases when they are sick. When they are sick then happiness is really impossible to achieve. So as a mom, it is important for me that my child is healthy and I make sure I provide the right combination for a healthy life.

Playful Life With Kids Nestogrow Four: Helping our Kids Grow Happy 2

Last Saturday, Enzo and I was invited to join NestoGrow’s Grow Happy campaign at Acacia Hotel, Alabang. Carlo Lead Marketing Manager of Nestogrow shared with Parent Bloggers the advocacy behind the campaign. It was not “just another milk brand” but one that carries a Filipino mother’s goals as well. Like me, they found out that most Filipino mothers want their children to be happy. Because their children’s happy is also an indication of the role that mothers do. With this in mind, Nestle’s NestoGrow aims to help parents have happier children by promoting proper nutrition and healthy environment.

Playful Life With Kids Nestogrow Four: Helping our Kids Grow Happy 2

Of course, a happy child has to have a happy environment which is their family. Bonding moments and quality time make children know themselves more and at the same time form attachments with their parents and other family members. This is where a healthy environment comes in as we parents must provide a place for our children to feel appreciated, supported, and loved. In as much as environment is necessary to have a happy life. A proper nutrition is also a powerful factor in raising happy and healthy children. As demands of life also take a toll on our children, it is a must to give them the nutrients they need in life. Sometimes, however, this is difficult to achieve as they are often tempted to eat unhealthy snacks.

Playful Life With Kids Nestogrow Four: Helping our Kids Grow Happy 3
Happy Kids at Acacia Hotel
Playful Life With Kids Nestogrow Four: Helping our Kids Grow Happy 4
Mela, daughter of Melai Francisco is a perfect fit as endorser of NestoGrow 4 Grow Happy Campaign

That is where NestoGrow’s new formulation comes in. Nestogrow’s new formulation has LipoActive, DHA, and Lcomfortis. Lipoactive is a good fat which helps in the absorption of calcium in our children’s body. Another important ingredient is DHA which helps in the child’s brain development and LComfortis which is a probiotic which helps in having a healthy tummy for our children. It also has no added sucrose which means that its sweetness is only due to its natural sugar found in the milk itself. In addition to the health befits, it is available in all supermarkets at an affordable price of P811 for a 1.8kg pack, and P69 for the 135g trial pack.

Playful Life With Kids Nestogrow Four: Helping our Kids Grow Happy 5
Melai and daughter Mela shares the ingredients of NestoGrow Four and why they love it!

Playful Life With Kids Nestogrow Four: Helping our Kids Grow Happy 5

Nestogrow does not stop there, as Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, their ambassador says, ” Sa panahon ngayon, hindi enough na maging healthy lang ang ating mga anak. Dapat lumaki din silang masaya dahil kapag masaya ang disposisyon ng isang bata, nagiging mas maayos and kanyang paglaki.” She adds how important engaging activities are to children and points out it important for both parents to make time to play and bond with their children. And because Nestogrow believes in what Filipino parents want and need, the Grow Happy Nation PlayLab movement addresses it.

Playful Life With Kids Nestogrow Four: Helping our Kids Grow Happy 7Playful Life With Kids Nestogrow Four: Helping our Kids Grow Happy 8

Grow Happy Nation PlayLab is an interactive learning wonderland featuring classic Filipino games with a scientific and creative twist. Children and parents are able to bond while learning the nutritional benefits of Nestogrow 4. It is Nestle’s way of reaching out to Filipino families and introduce them to a nutritional drink that will help raise healthy and happy children. The first initial run of the Play Lab nation was so successful that Nestogrow is looking forward to sharing it to more families and communities in the country. “We will be rolling out the Grow Happy Nation: Play Lab in the coming weeks across key cities in the Philippines’, Mr. Agbayani stated. This means that more Filipinos will be aware on how to raise happy and healthy children.

Enzo got the chance to see the Play Lab at Starmall in Alabang and he had so much fun and I too learned more about NestoGrow Four. The Play Lab had four stations: No-Sucrose Jackstone, Value-Stansya, Nutrients Piko, and Grow Happy Play Lab. Each station had its interactive games for the kids and parents. They also made sure that kids and parents will learn more about the importance of nutrition and environment in raising happy kids. It was truly a grow happy event.

The event was a success as more and more people are made aware of steps we can do to help our children grow happy or even happier. The importance of nutrition and environment is never overemphasized as these are big factors that contribute to our child’s development. Children should be able to play and explore themselves and their environment and so they need the strength and health to make it happy.

ids Grow Happy 9

NestoGrow Four Grow Happy: Play Lab Nation will be in Limketkai Event Center, Cagayan de Oro from September 15 to 16; SM City Pampanga on September 22 and 23; and SM City Cebu on September 29 -30. For more information, visit


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