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Crispy Fry Playday with Aquaman

Crispy Fry launches their new breading mix specially made for frying fish. For most Filipinos fried fish is the second  frequently-cooked fried dish in the kitchen. I, myself, also loves fish and I often fry fish at home. Unfortunately, I have trouble frying fish because it’s really hard to fry one plus I always get burnt by the “tilamsik” of it. Plus, Enzo’s fond of eating crispy food which is hard to achieve in fish dishes. Luckily, I was part of Ajinomoto Philippine Corporation’s #CrispyFryPlayDay launch of their newest Crispy Fry Fish Breading mix at the Greenhills Promenade Mall.

The launch was attended by different media partners and their families to watch the screening of the new movie Aquaman. It was a chance to get to know more about Crispy Fry Fish Breading Mix and at the same time the movie with loved ones. During the event, Crispy Fry Brand Executive Justine Pasco explains, “We’ve found a way to make frying fish hassle-free while still maintaining the deliciousness you have all grown to love from Crispy Fry. Ms. Jocelyn Mendoza, also expressed her gratitude towards all media partners and their family for attending the launch. Likewise, it was also a thanksgiving event for the leading breading mix Crispy Fry.IMG_4046 (NXPowerLite)

The event was also filled with family fun activities, some families were asked to perform Crispy Fry’s newest tagline “Basta Fried Chicken and Fish, i-Crispy Fry!” The winning family, Louisa Mercado of Art of Being a Mom, won which gave them the chance to sing the tagline with celebrity endorser Ms. Donna Cruz.

It was super fun to also see Ms. Donna Cruz – Larrazabal and her son Gio, who also joined in the fun. Ms. Donna Cruz shares how she spends quality time with her children, she says that her children has different interest which is why their bonding moments also differ. As with Gio, she shares that they love playing puzzles and their newest commercial of Crispy Fry Fish Breading Mix was a great bonding experience for them. She adds that she loves to cook for the family and is thrilled to be endorsing Crispy Fry together with her kids, “The brand always comes out with new quality products to expand the choices we can serve to our family.”

The launch was simple, fun, and especially made for family bonding moments. Crispy Fry stays true to its mission to enrich every family’s simple moments and turned them into beautiful memories. There are countless of ways to enjoy family time may it be in eating, playing, watching movies, and cooking.

As for Enzo and I, our love tank is full again and Aquaman movie will be our one for the books. Plus, I now have a new kitchen technique learned from Crispy Fry!

For more information and recipes about Crispy Fry® Fish Breading Mix, “like” facebook.com/CookmunitybyAjinomotoPH and visit www.ajinomoto.com.ph.


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