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BKS Moms Christmas Party

One of the many blessings I received last year was being part of BKS moms. A group of mommy bloggers who talks about our blogs, household chores, raising our children, or just about anything and everything under the sun. For me, they are my support group not just in my blogging career but life in general.

So anyway, last December 2018, we had our first ever Christmas party with some 20 mommies who are part of our Facebook page and community. It was a spur-of-the-moment-turned-into-reality kind of event. I remember we were just chatting about having a meet and greet with some followers of our group and the next thing I knew we were actually preparing for the event.

But who are we?

BKS moms stands for “Busy Kami Sa”. It was kind of a joke for us during that time but also so true. We are a bunch of mommy bloggers who are busy with a lot of things like work, household, children, marriage, business, and a lot more. We had the same love for what we do and the roles we play whether it be at home or at work or wherever. This love extends to other “nanays”, or mommies who also go through the same things we do. We all had the same intention to help other mothers in their daily lives which is why we started a facebook page and community to offer tips, share stories, give freebies, and just be each others friends.

Then, the BKS Moms Pasko party became a reality. All of us eight mothers, put our hearts and minds into organizing the event. Luckily, brands and sponsors saw these intentions and partnered with us in our event.

bks moms pasko 2018 official poster

We chose twenty (20) lucky mommies who had the chance to attend a make up workshop by Ms. Mamanee of Mamanee’s Nest and also have a quick afternoon of bonding with all the other mommy bloggers of BKS Moms namely: SJ of All Around Pinay Mama, Yvette of Buhay Mommy, Reylen of Reylen Castro, Berlin of Momi Berlin, Nedy of Nedy Lazo, and me, Jho of Playful life with Kids Blog.


The event was just a simple get together where Mommies can share stories with each other, get to know one another, and just have a quick “me-time” for ourselves. It also was made to be intimate so we can really get to know some of our followers. Everyone was just happy and friendly during that time. It also gave me a fulfilling feeling as I see mommies learning, laughing, and just savoring the company of one another. It gave me more reasons to continue blogging, and sharing my motherhood, and advocate for playing with children too. This is because of the group that I am in and the nanays that we are serving.


The event was quick but truly speaks of our group as not only a mommy blogger group but also an empowering group for Nanays and of Nanays. We will continue to provide and share insights, stories, tips, and friendships so motherhood can be a sweet journey for everyone. To all those who came, thank you for coming and for the friendship we hope to see and hear from you more. Hopefully, we can have another event for all the followers of BKS moms.

We would like to extend our warmest gratitude to all our sponsors:

Major Sponsors:

Allwell Homes Realty 


Ever Ready Insurance

 Lovehopefaith Group


Johnieleven Photography

Minor Sponsors:

Euky Bear (Koofty Enterprises)

The Generics Pharmacy




Mr. Hat Gulaman

Marete Ob

Faithshoppe Philippines

Life Kit

Oilyblends MomPH

 Belle en Blanc Parfums

My Natural


Your Go to Naturals

Marvella Piel Soap Depot

Rolls Republic

Oh Cakes

Be part of BKS Moms Community, like us on Facebook and join our community too! See you! Puso at Gawa!

FB Page: BKS Moms

FB Community: BKS Moms Community


2 thoughts on “BKS Moms Christmas Party

  1. Sana next time makasali na ako sa get together hehe and super generous ng mga sponsors.. andaming loots. Swerte din ng mga nanalong TeamBahay hehe di ako pinalad eh. Pero keri lang. So happy to be a member of BKS Moms Community. 😊❤

    Joining your birthday giveaway with mommy Yvette, mommy Jho 😊

    FB/YT: Chin Enriquez
    IG: @chinenriquez20
    Twitter: @thoughtsbasket


  2. Grabe!! Ito yung first time ko makihalubilo sa mga hindi ko naman nakakasama and thru internet ko lang nakilala so happy na naging part ako nito!! Ito din ung first kong labas ns ako lang mag isa nung 2018 hehe! Saya saya. Salamat sa mga butihing bumubuo ng BKS MOMS at sa mga sponsors nito sana maulit pa itong muli. ❤❤❤❤❤ -CIELOJONNA proud bks moms ako!!!!


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