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Enzo Says: Duterte Conversation

I have momnesia and soon I think I won’t be able to remember or recall funny stories and conversations with Enzo. Thus, resulting to this part of the blog. hihi! Hoping Enzo gets to read this in the future. Baka sabihin nya super obsessed si Mommy sakin. Actually, yes!


My little boy at the Kinder Joy Wonderland event at SM Mall of Asia

On the way home inside the cab while stuck in traffic, a car cut through us and both Ethel and I were disappointed and frustrated too.

Me: Hay naku, kasi naman sumisingit pa.

Ethel: Kaya nga eh traffic na.

Enzo: Hala, lagot, papagalitan ni Duterte.

(Ethel and I napasecond look sakanya)

Me: Bakit? San mo narinig yun?

Enzo: Sa TV

Me: San sa TV?

Enzo: Sa balita.

**wow, napakasocially aware naman ng anak ko!:)**